Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MS Excel - Reset Comments to Original Position

Little bit of Excel knowledge is a must thing :

I ran into an issue recently, got mail with all comments not in the right position. Following code snippet helped to survive

ATL+F7 took me to vba

Pasted the following and ran this :-

Sub ResetComments()
Dim cmt As Comment
For Each cmt In ActiveSheet.Comments
cmt.Shape.Top = cmt.Parent.Top + 5
cmt.Shape.Left = _
cmt.Parent.Offset(0, 1).Left + 5
End Sub

And ofcoz Review tab helped me to hide them later :)

Understanding BIOS keywords - Dmidecode

dmidecode --type {KEYWORD / Number }
You need to pass dmidecode following keywords:
  • bios
  • system
  • baseboard
  • chassis
  • processor
  • memory
  • cache
  • connector
  • slot
All DMI types you need to use with dmidecode --type {Number}:
# TypeShort Description
2Base Board
5Memory Controller
6Memory Module
8Port Connector
9System Slots
10On Board Devices
11OEM Strings
12System Configuration Options
13BIOS Language
14Group Associations
15System Event Log
16Physical Memory Array
17Memory Device
1832-bit Memory Error
19Memory Array Mapped Address
20Memory Device Mapped Address
21Built-in Pointing Device
22Portable Battery
23System Reset
24Hardware Security
25System Power Controls
26Voltage Probe
27Cooling Device
28Temperature Probe
29Electrical Current Probe
30Out-of-band Remote Access
31Boot Integrity Services
32System Boot
3364-bit Memory Error
34Management Device
35Management Device Component
36Management Device Threshold Data
37Memory Channel
38IPMI Device
39Power Supply
Display Power supply information, enter:
# dmidecode --type 39
Display CPU information, enter:
# dmidecode --type processor
Read man page for more information:
$ man dmidecode

I see this not working in SPLAT with type switch

Monday, August 19, 2013

BIGIP F5 Command Line (bigpipe Vs tmsh)

BIGIP F5 Command Line (bigpipe Vs tmsh)

b arp show show /net arp all
b arp all delete tmsh delete /net arp all
b class DATA-GROUP mode read modify ltm data-group DATA-GROUP access-mode read-only
b class show show running-config /ltm data-group
b cluster show show /sys cluster all-properties
b config load file.ucs load /sys ucs file.ucs
b config save file.ucs save /sys ucs file.ucs
b config sync run /cm config-sync from-group/to-group DEVICEGROUPNAME
b conn show show /sys connection
b conn show all show /sys connection all-properties Show all connection table properties
b conn ss server node-ip:node-port delete delete /sys connection ss-server-addr node-ip ss-server-port node-port Delete connection table entries for node-ip node-port
b daemon list list /sys daemon-ha all-properties
b db < key name > < value > modify /sys db < key name > value < value > Modify database values
b db Platform.PowerSupplyMonitor disable tmsh modify sys db platform.powersupplymonitor value disable Disables PSU alert if only one PSU in use on Dual PSU system
b db show show running-config /sys db -hidden all-properties
b export my.config.scf save /sys scf my.config.scf v10.x only
b export my.config.scf save /sys config file my.config.scf tar-file my.config.tar v11.0+
b failover standby run /sys failover standby v11+
b fo show show /sys failover
b fo standby run /util bigpipe fo standby v10+
b ha table show /sys ha-status all-properties
b hardware baud rate modify /sys console baud-rate v10: sol10621 | v11: sol13325
b ha table show show /sys ha-status all-properties
b httpd list list /sys httpd To list httpd configuration.
b import my.config.scf load /sys scf my.config.scf v10.x only
b import my.config.scf load /sys config file my.config.scf tar-file my.config.tar v11.0+
b interface show -j show /net interface -hidden all-properties -hidden is not tab completable, but should be shown in the command output on iHealth.
b load load sys config partitions all
b merge load /sys config merge Added in v11. In v10 use bigpipe
b merge /path/to/file.txt tmsh load /sys config file /path/to/file.txt merge Merge a file into the BIG-IP configuration. Added in v11. In v10, use bigpipe
b mgmt show show running-config /sys management-ip
b monitor show show running-config /ltm monitor (?)
b nat show show /ltm nat all or list /ltm nat all-properties The two tmsh commands are required here since b nat show will list the unit preference and ARP status. Statistical information is shown via “show” while configuration information is shown via “list”.
b node all monitor show list ltm node monitor
b node show show /ltm node
b ntp servers modify sys ntp servers add { }
b packet filter all show show /net packet-fliter
b partition list auth partition no “show” command yet, list will only show written partitions
b persist tmsh show ltm persistence persist-records
b platform show /sys hardware
b pool list list /ltm pool
b pool show show /ltm pool members
b profile access all stats

b profile auth all show all show /ltm auth profile all The tmsh auth command does not display associated OCSP information shown by bigpipe.
b profile http ramcache show show /ltm profile http
b profile http stats show /ltm profile http
b profile ssl stats show /ltm profile ssl
b profile persist profile_name list all tmsh list ltm persistence profile_name all-properties
b profile tcp show show /ltm profile tcp
b profile tcp stats show /ltm profile tcp
b profile udp show show /ltm profile udp
b profile udp stats show /ltm profile udp
b profile xml show show /ltm profile xml
b reset load / sys default-config v10.x
b reset load / sys config default v11.x
b route show show /net route all
b rule < rule > show all show /ltm rule < rule >
b rule show show /ltm rule all
b rule stats reset reset-stats /ltm rule < rule >
b save save sys config partitions all
b self show show running-config /net self
b snat show /ltm snat
b snatpool show show /ltm snatpool
b software show sys software
b software desired install sys software image NAME volume HDX.Y reboot
b software desired install sys software image NAME create-volume volume HDX.Y v11.0+ : Creates volume and installs software. (Cannot create empty volumes in v11)
b software desired install sys software hotfix NAME volume HDX.Y Installs desired Hotfix to the specified Volume.
b stp show show running-config /net stp all-properties
b syslog list all list sys syslog all-properties
b syslog remote server none modify sys syslog remote-servers none
b syslog remote server test-srv host modify sys syslog remote-servers add {test-srv{host}} You can append “remote-port 517″ for example to the end of the command to specify the port
b syslog remote server test-srv local ip modify sys syslog remote-servers modify {test-srv{local-ip}} The self ip must be non-floating
b system hostname modify sys global-settings hostname NEWHOST.EXAMPLE.COM
b trunk show -j show /net trunk -hidden all
b trunk all lacp show show /net trunk detail
b unit show

b verify load load sys config verify
b version show /sys version Takes grep (but not “head” as in “b version |head”) – for example, grep on build: tmsh show sys version |grep -i build
b virtual address show show /ltm virtual-address all-properties “show” does not show the objects used by the virtual, and list does not show statistics.
b virtual all show all show /ltm virtual all-properties or list /ltm virtual all-properties “show” does not show the objects used by the virtual, and list does not show statistics.
b vlan all show all -j show /net vlan -hidden
b vlangroup all show all show /net vlan-group all
bigstart status|start|stop|restart SERVICE_NAME show|start|stop|restart sys service SERVICE_NAME
bpsh (?) load sys config from-terminal merge